The Widest Street in the World and Now the Widest Bed

The city of Buenos Aires claims to have one of the widest city centre streets in the world.  Called 9 de Julio (9th July) after the it is so wide that it is seldom possible to get across it all in one attempt without stopping.

What BA has never claimed to have is the widest of double beds in the world but we think we found it at our hotel HUB Porteño.

Our room had a bed in it that was over 7 feet wide.  No wonder there was a telephone on each bedside table!
Each suite is individual and is a habitable work of art.  Artisans-artists, such as Angel Capano, participated in the decorations of these beautiful bedrooms by ornamenting ceilings, mirrors and furniture with gold and copper trim.

Capano was trained in the workshops of the city’s Colón Theatre and is a privileged witness to the city’s magnificent cultural heritage in hand-craft.
The carved mirrors, the work of Raul Vidal, bear witness to the legacy brought to Argentina by the children of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a style recently in vogue through the work of Philippe Starck.

Chairs, tables, desks, antique porcelain china, lamps and chandeliers in each bedroom were hand-selected from many of the marvellous antiques markets and private auction houses of Buenos Aires.

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