Accessing UHNWI’s the on going battle for most luxury brands

Most lead Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals an extremely public or extremely private life and have an entourage of staff who manage daily tasks such as shopping for them. Getting a new product or service under their nose can therefore be challenging at times.

When Yachting Pages Media Group launched a new service last year they realised they had hit a winning streak in that battle and they have gone ontosuccessfully help many luxury brands to achieve this goal.
The UHNWI’s are cocooned in their personalised paradises, on board, for days, sometimes weeks at a time. It is universally accepted that potential clients are at their most receptive when relaxed which one of many reasons why luxury brands have had so much success with this unusual marketing opportunity.
Yachting Pages have found a way to access these Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals in the superyacht community at a time when they are relaxed and open to new products and services.
Using their own international distribution networks of directories and the Superyacht Owners’ Guide which we help write they offers the same service to luxury brands and support services that wish to target the most elusive of creatures, the owner and captain of a superyacht.
Companies give their marketing materials to Yachting Pages Delivers who then put those materials directly into the hands of the owners and captains whilst they are on board their multi million pound superyacht.
One of the unique selling points is that they have access to private marinas, shipyards and ports that no other companies are allowed to deliver to.  This means they are able to place their marketing materials into the hands of owners, captains and crew
Since launching the service last year the company has been approached by many marine businesses targeting the superyacht community, but also by a huge number of luxury brands who see the benefits of targeting luxury yacht owners directly.
Amongst the distributed catalogues is one for the new Porsche Spyder 918 alongside magazines for high end realtors such as
John Taylors
Christies International Realty