About us

We are Frances and Michael Howorth and we have been travelling and working together for the last thirty years

Initially working aboard passenger ships, we then sailed as crew aboard luxury private and charter superyachts as well as in our own yacht. More recently, we have acquired Voyager, a campervan designed and built to our own exacting specifications. In her, we tour and write about the UK and continental Europe.

On the water, our voyages have taken us to Africa, North and South America, the Caribbean, throughout the Mediterranean, India and plenty of islands in between. From the Seychelles to the Maldive Islands, St Helena to Tristan de Cunha, the Galapagos to Tierra del Fuego, we have written about them all.

On land, we write monthly destination features seeking out of the ordinary road trips to undertake in our campervan. Frances is an award winning photographer and former BGTW Travel Photographer of the Year whose work always accompanies our writing and has featured on the covers of several quality periodicals.

Together, we write on all subjects covering the construction, management, charter, ownership and operation of yachts (both sail and power) at sea and about campervans and motorhomes on land.

We have contributed to many quality trade and consumer magazines and newspapers around the world.

On the web, we write features for others about our adventures by land and on the water.

We have written several books, mostly about yachts, yachting and travel at sea with several more travel related titles in the planning.

Our work has been featured in most of the better lifestyle publications around the world and we accept commissions to write for a wide variety of industry specialist magazines.

On the radio, our weekly radio show Around the World was broadcast on Superyacht Radio (an internet radio station) while on TV, we have presented for Superyacht TV and the Nautical Channel.