Marina Port Vell Supports Antibes Yacht Show Captain’s Lounge

Marina Port Vell is to sponsor of the Captain’s Lounge Antibes Yacht Show which runs from  23-26 April 2014 at Port Vauban, Antibes.

The Barcelona based marina will provide Captains with  support inside a relaxed networking atmosphere and looks forward to meeting captains and their guests for drinks and lunch.

The Captain’s Lounge, offering a 360° view of the whole site, is located on the terrace of the Bastion Saint Jaume and is accessible by captains only.

They will enjoy free breakfast and lunch, relax and have champagne, wine, coffee, tea, and more, all day and a captains-only WIFI connection.

The Captain’s Lounge is open from 10h00-19h00 Wednesday-Friday 10h00-18h00 Saturday.

“As many of our clients and the superyacht industry are aware, Marina Port Vell is welcoming yachts daily, has completed most all our dock revitalization and berth sales are fully underway,” says Norma Trease, Director of Salamanca Group’s Marine Division.

She adds “We believe it’s critical to continue to support our stakeholders with various sponsorships as they have supported us during the past several years of planning and designing. We believe sponsoring the Captain’s Lounge at Antibes Yacht Show does exactly this.”