Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM Card for Super Yacht Professionals

An Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM card especially designed for use by those working internationally inside the super yacht industry has been released by Airship a company that provides yacht communication solutions for many of today’s super yacht new build and refit projects.

The ideal solution for frequent travellers, the SIM offers complete coverage and unlimited downloads in over 70 countries, at an affordable fixed cost. With this new product, gone are the days of astronomical phone bills when travelling: the SIM allows users to seamlessly move from country to country without issue. 
“As a truly global industry, frequent travel for super yachts and professionals is inevitable and one of the biggest challenges this often presents is limited broadband connectivity and high usage charges,” said Alan Bernardi, Director of Airship. “The Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM eliminates these issues and provides an affordable solution for yachts and professionals who rely on constant data connection around the globe.”
The Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM has been extensively tested throughout the US, Asia and Europe with outstanding results. Browsing speeds allow for all major operating features including internet browsing, Skype, exchange email and large file transfer depending on network congestion and the time of day.
Airship is the only super yacht communications company with this innovative global roaming SIM on offer and they hold the exclusive rights to the product within the that industry.


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