The Super Yacht That Does Not Move

Many super yachts claim to offer six stars in a bid to distinguish themselves from the worlds top hotels.  It is not difficult to see why.  Super yachts have staff ratios that far exceed the number of guests the yacht carries which in normally terms tops out at just 12 guests.
Bed linens on super yachts are generally changed daily and towels twice a day and in most cases when a guest sneezes the stewardess appears as if by magic and proffers a box of facial tissues.
Not many hotels can top that for service but in the case of Frégate Island Private we may just have found one contender.
Lying stationary in position 04°35 ́19 ́ ́S and 55°56 ́55 ́ ́E, some 55 Kilometres east of Mahé, Frégate Island is part of the inner granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago
It is the seventh largest of the granitic islands. Frégate Island Private is run as an exclusive resort that integrates luxury tourism with the conservation of the natural environment
Just 17 Private Pool residences means a very small payload of guests and with an island approximately 119 hectares in size it is very easy to assume you are the only people here.
We have just returned from the most wonderful stay on this verdant paradise, the likes of which you imagine when the theme tune to Desert Island Discs drifts from your radio speakers.
Traditional-style villas made from native mahogany and topped with thatched roofs provided our base, while talcum-soft sand will fast became our foot exfoliator of choice. Absolutely everything is taken care of – all you have to do is turn up and flake out.

Seven beaches, a private butler service, spa, a killer wine cellar, boutique and gallery, library, fitness centre, CD and DVD players, Jacuzzi, complimentary WiFi and private gardens.

Each villa has its own private infinity pool, Jacuzzi, and comes with an outside bed and an outside dinning table for in villa dinning.  A separate drawing room and hallway ensure accommodation is on a lavish style in keeping with the Master Suite aboard any super yacht.
The island has everything It even has three tenders that it keeps moored inside its own harbour.  In fact everything except at anchor stabilization, but then again it does not need it