Anchor Concierge and Super Yacht Services Starts in Antigua

A new concierge and yacht services business aimed at super yachts visiting Antigua has been started by Captain Nick Line.

Nick first came to Antigua in 1987 when he ran the engineering workshops at Antigua Slipway.  Following that he lived and worked in Spain for 16 years, but he continued to visit Antigua on a regular basis on a variety of different yachts during that time.
In 2004 heand his wife purchased land overlooking Falmouth Harbour where they built a home and soon afterwards became residents of Antigua which has been their full-time home since 2010.

Nick has an MCA 3,000 GRT Masters certificate and has experience as a super yacht captain chartering throughout the world.  He continues to manage two motor yachts: Va Bene and Sequel P.
Nick’s many years as captain of super yachts in the charter business has given him a clear insight into the level of service required and expected by these yachts.
He is committed to working towards making it easier for large charter yachts to visit Antigua.  He would like to see a simplification of the Customs clearance procedures which would see commercial super yachts in the charter business handled in the same way as other commercial vessels – whether cruise ships or cargo ships.
That would mean an agent or yacht’s representative would be able to clear the yacht through Customs without the requirement of the Captain’s or Chief Officer’s signature.  Antigua is currently the only country in the Lesser Antilles that requires such a signature.
Nick started Anchor Concierge and Super YachtServices in Antigua because he saw a gap at the high end of the service market and felt that he and his team could effectively fill that gap.  The business offers everything from travel agent services to marine airfares, helicopter and private aircraft charter, to VIP event planning and even making doctors’ appointments. 
His team includes wife Sian who has played a supporting role in running and managing large yachts and daughter Hannah a yacht chef with six years experience will be in charge of the provisioning side of the business. Eloise Green who has been in the yachting and hospitality business in Antigua for many years will back them all up.

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