Medical Training Afloat in the BVI

If it is medical training on the water, then what place to do the training than the British Virgin Islands

The Moorings and MedSail have announced the upcoming 10th Annual Medicine for Mariners and Safety at Sea conference will take place February 2-9, 2013 in the British Virgin Islands.

The Wilderness Medical Society, the world’s leading organization devoted to wilderness medical education and research, supports and accredits this seminar that is designed for physicians, health professionals, and sailors who have a special interest in medical care in the marine environment.

Participants live aboard their chartered yacht for the entire event, which includes seminars at a different island location each day.

The event speakers are highly experienced educators and widely recognized experts in their fields, with a goal of providing participants with a first class learning and recreational experience in a stunning tropical paradise.

The sailing is designed to be easy and relaxed, appealing to inexperienced and seasoned boaters alike.  The flotilla of yachts is organised by The Moorings Sailing Vacations and includes choice of sail-it-yourself yachts, or crewed catamarans with captain and chef for those who wish to leave the details of sailing and meal preparation to a professional crew.

Each morning starts with a 2 and half-hour seminar ashore at a different island beach bar or restaurant—some participant favorites include Foxy’s, Cooper Island Resort, Pirates Beach Bar, and The Bitter End Resort. After morning conferences, the group sets sail to a new island, leaving plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling, organised scuba diving, beach combing, or just relaxing.

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