Superyacht Photographer Alexis Andrews to Film Vanishing Sail Documentary

“When you see a beach built Carriacou Sloop or a West Indies Schooner sail by – even if you’re not a sailor – you know you have witnessed something special.”

Directed by Superyacht photographer Alexis Andrews a documentary is being made. Filmed in the Grenadines and mixed with rare archive footage and interviews with the last old Caribbean sea captains, the documentary due for release in early 2013 combines dramatic sailing scenes with narration and an original soundtrack to tell the story of trading by sail in the West Indies and it’s legacy in the islands today.

The film will include footage shot on the island of Carriacou, where the last boatbuilders maintain a tenuous grip on their traditional skills. In St. Barthelemy, where the smuggling trade in alcohol & cigarettes thrived until the 1970’s. And in Antigua where the restored and newly built West Indies vessels race each year among vintage yachts in the Classic Regatta.

To see a trailer click here