Online E-Learning Courses for ECDIS

Safebridge GmbH, an e-learning company specialising in Internet-based training solutions for the maritime industry, has unveiled the first release of its new online courseware for type-specific ECDIS training.

The online courses will be commercially available by the end of the year.
The company has cooperative agreements to develop type-specific training packages built around ECDIS products from Sperry Marine
  • Imtech
  • Transas
  • Raytheon
  • Anschütz
  • JRC
The company expects to develop similar programs for other ECDIS suppliers in 2012.
As the new IMO ECDIS carriage requirements come into effect in 2012, Internet-based e-learning provide cost-effective training tools to meet the type-specific training requirements mandated under STCW, ISM, Port State Control and Flag State regulations.

While many ECDIS suppliers offer their own type-specific training courses, it is sometimes impractical and expensive for an officer to attend these one- or two- day courses for multiple ECDIS vendors.

With this solution, they now have the convenience of doing it all online with self-paced guided courseware. It also makes it easy for officers to retrain on new equipment when moving to a ship using a different ECDIS system and enables convenient re-certification as suppliers roll out new versions of their ECDIS software.

The training software platform combines an e-learning component with OEM software and electronic charts (ENC). The learning process is controlled by Learning Management Software (LMS) to provide an interactive simulator that is true to the actual ECDIS brand being studied.

Users can log on to the server via the Internet to access a range of e-learning modes, including a guided tutorial, self testing with feedback and the free play on the live system. Students are taken step by step through a number of modules as if they were using the actual technology, and are shown how to use each feature in various simulated scenarios.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student’s online examination is graded by a qualified instructor, and the student receives a certificate of competence.


  1. It is good to know that with the latest advancement of technology, there exists e-learning courses that allow individuals, even at far distances or locations, are able to access certain courses that they need for them to be able to learn and get certification or credits in their chosen profession.

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