Antigua & Barbuda to Launch its Own Yacht Registry

Once legislative and operational structures have been established, the Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping within the government of the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is to launch its own superyacht registry in a move to diversify the department’s services.

In the islands Capital, St John’s, Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer addressed those attending the launching ceremony to commemorate the establishment of the registry.

He told those assembled that that the government agency seeks to “remain competitive in an extremely competitive maritime industry.”

He added, “The Yacht Registry is aimed at the superyacht segment and is a major platform of this diversification.”
The country already operates its own ‘for profit’ ship registry used by many commercial ships keen to keep operating costs down by flying the flag of Antigua.

This registry has in the past embarked on a sustained marketing and promotional drive to attract yachts and pleasure vessels of all sizes to its Registry.
The company operating the ADOMS Inspection & Investigation Division is based in Bremerhaven Germany.