Bare Boat Yacht Charter Gets Club 18-30 Treatment

Billed as the only sexy, fun, affordable international sailing holiday company to hit Europe and The Caribbean, The Yacht Week, is to organise offshore chartered yachting holidays for the young party set.
Catering to travellers between the ages of 22 – 35 from over 40 countries, offers an outstanding holiday at competitive prices to some of the world’s most sought after destinations in Europe and the Caribbean.
With 700 yachts to choose from, ranging between 38ft to 59ft, and with a skipper commandeering the journey by day and private island parties by night, it makes for the ideal holiday for those looking for a sun and sea filled adventure.
Founded in 2006 by Erik Biörklund and William Wenk, two students from Sweden the company began trading in 2006. They decided to challenge and rejuvenate the traditional yachting market.
They believe that until now yachting was a sport for the retired, they say it is them who has brought forth the concept of young, fun, affordable sailing.
Every minute of the week is taken care of without having to follow a choreographed itinerary. From touchdown, there are no tickets to arrange, no baggage to wrangle or transport to worry about, making it a truly one of a kind experience.
A route is suggested, skipper provided and dinners, clubs and beach parties all organised. By day yachts can voluntarily sail as part of a 60 yacht flotilla with equally minded, fun loving professionals to a private island party or beach club where an event awaits to impress; by night there are parties at open air-clubs.

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