New Developments in St Georges, Bermuda

Mid ocean stopover it may be, catering solely to the needs of the transient yachts but there are now signs that Bermuda has set it’s sights on becoming a SuperYacht destination in it’s own right.

In St Georges, the official port of entry for all yachts entering and clearing Bermuda, Captain Mark Soares is leading the way, spearheading his mission of turning what was a sleepy backwater into a SuperYacht haven.

Having created Bermuda Yacht Services, he has set about turning what was a passenger ship terminal into private dockage for Superyachts. Facilities now permit the stern to docking of between four and five Superyachts there his friendly staff have created a crew lounge with free Internet services and a help desk that can assist any visiting yacht find what they need while they stay.

If they stay longer than it takes to bunker, then Soares and his team are delighted. Their enthusiasm is infectious and with minutes of talking to this local seafarer who has chosen to return home after years of sailing as Captain aboard yachts, you simple crave to take his advice and drop anchor in some of the islands more secretive coves.

Passionate about Bermuda, he has gone a stage further and has recently persuaded a team of developers to consider creating a purpose built SuperYacht marina inside St Georges. The project unveiled by the Mayor while we are visiting the island, will incorporate a small Boutique Hotel and also dockage for up to 100 smaller yachts.

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