Electronic Fish on a Superyacht

From now on, charter guests can be welcomed aboard a superyacht by a large screen, interactive video wall that will keep them entertained and amazed during their stay.
The Beyond HD Interactive Video Wall from the Dutch electronics firm Van Berge Henegouwen can be built in almost any shape and size and can display custom designed visual themes with interactive elements that respond when people are in close proximity to the screen.
The number of visual themes on the wall are virtually endless and can be matched to the interior design. Some examples of the wall’s possibilities are

  • 3D flythrough of the yacht
  • 3D virtual aquarium with life size interactive fish,
  • Surprising interactive wallpapers
  • Custom created interactive artwork.
Of course, the Beyond HD Interactive Video Wall can also be used to watch TV or the latest movies.
With technologies like interactive video walls and ceiling projection the firm can match almost any environment to the moods guests are in or the emotions they feel.
Since it is not limited to a single screen, every surface can become a multimedia display which can be used interactively with any content.
Together with its partners, Van Berge Henegouwen, delivers integrated and customised systems of the highest quality using next generation and customer tailored IT and AV equipment.
For an impression of other possibilities watch this movie