Four New SuperYacht Marinas for Bermuda

Front Street, Hamilton

Bermuda is just twenty-one square miles of land set some 700 miles off the East Coast of the USA. It has been a quick place for yachts to stop, take fuel, fill up with fresh provisions and the crew to enjoy the occasional Dark ‘n Stormy drink.

In the short time we have been here in Bermuda researching for an article for SuperYacht Business, we can see things are changing. We have uncovered information about several new marina developments, which could, in years to come, change the way sailors view these Sommers Isles.

No less than four new dockage schemes for Superyachts have been drawn to our attention.

The first, the subject of our previous blog, is a new enhancement to the existing facilities at St Georges run by Captain Mark Soares of Bermuda Yacht Services.

The second we heard about is an ambitious plan conceived by the Corporation of Hamilton. They have grand plans that involve reclamation of land and a new marina and superyacht dock in the heart of the capital.

The scheme could breath new life into the once vibrant city’s waterfront where cruise liners used to dock. The new generation of huge passenger ships calling at Bermuda need the deeper water found off the West End of the island.

Their departure has not only left the docks seldom unused but has contributed to the slow decline of the shops on Front Street. Gone is Trimminghams that quintessentially Bermudan department store; gone are the horse drawn carriages; and gone are the policeman dressed in Bermuda shorts on point duty.

The city streets are comparatively quiet now that the click of the tourist camera has been transferred elsewhere. News that super yachts could soon take to the now desolate docks is going to be welcome news.

Visiting the West End and the dockyard at Somerset we learned they are also enthusiastic about welcoming large yachts. They too have a planned development that will see Superyachts being offered berths. A soon to be constructed dock will potentially have 15 spaces for yachts up to 70 metres.

After our conversations with local marina representatives had been reported in the Bermuda daily newspapers another group contacted us. They are planning a fourth SuperYacht marina. We will write more about Morgan’s Point Marina when we have visited the proposed site and met with the developers.

Stay tuned.