Superyachts and the US Senate

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President Obama and his cohorts are getting somewhat hot under the collar over would-be Senator Jeff Green and the shenanigans aboard the 44 metre superyacht Summerwind.  Now because it is gossip, we here at Superyacht News are not that interested in reporting what may or may not have gone on, but we were flabbergasted to read an item in today’s Sunday Times
No, not because Green hired stewardesses who doubled as massage therapist’s nor were we surprised to read about the drugs on board or the fact that the yacht may or may not have sailed to Cuba.
What caught our eye, was the statement made by writer Christina Lamb, who like most other newspaper journalists has no idea what a superyacht really is. She said that Green is alleged to have gone through three campaign managers as well as 21 Captains of his yacht
Twenty one Captains?  Over what period?  Our first question has to be:  Is that true? And could it be that is a record?
Until now we thought the highest number of Captain changeovers was aboard Lady Joy even though we admit the beautiful Hakvoort My Trust has had its fair share but twenty one!
So how about, we try and find out:
First is it true that Summerwind has had twenty one Captains?
Second:  What is the highest number of Captains a superyacht has had in the shortest period?
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