Vincent Chalias is Expert Lead for SeaTrek Sailing Adventures 

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is to expand its expert-led cruise with the addition of marine biologist, Vincent Chalias.

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is to expand its expert-led cruise with the addition of marine biologist, Vincent Chalias.

Working on the principle that‘the more you know, the more you see’, Indonesian expedition cruise operator, SeaTrek Sailing Adventures, has expanded its series of expert-led cruises for 2024.  They have added a marine biologist. 

Vincent Chalias, will lead two end-of year cruises to explore the Jewels of Raja Ampat. They depart on 29th December 2023 and 10th January 2024.

Vincent has dedicated his life to studying corals and over the past 25 years. He has developed a deep understanding of the biology and ecology of the reefs and the life they sustain. He will be sharing his knowledge of the complexities of myriad coral species and their interconnected relationships in these very rich coral habitats.

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures adds marine biologist, Vincent Chalias.

His first Indonesian commercial coral farms was in the year 2000. In 2016 he started a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating people about coral reefs and training volunteers to conserve and restore coral reefs. His NGO ‘Ocean Gardener’ has now planted over 80,000 corals all over Indonesia. And is involved in many different projects all over Indonesia.

Vincent was also instrumental in helping to set up SeaTrek’s very own artificial reef and coral racks. It is sited just off Sanur Beach in South Bali. Vincent has worked in Australia on different coral reef restoration projects. As well as Crown of Thorns culling missions, the predatory starfish that has the ability to decimate coral reefs.

Help guests

He is also an enthusiastic underwater photographer and will be available to help guests capture their own underwater images.

The islands of Raja Ampat are one of the jewels of Indonesia. The contain some of the most biodiverse underwater habitats on the planet. And feature almost 90% of all known coral species and home to several species of Birds of Paradise.

The 10-day voyage sails to the southernmost islands of the Raja Ampat National Park with its picturesque chain of jungle-covered limestone islets.

In addition to daily snorkeling expeditions across Raja Ampat’s rich and bountiful coral reefs, guests will swim in a mysterious lake of stingless jellyfish. They will visit a sea cave filled with massive stalagmites and stalactites. They will see 3,000-5,000-year-old prehistoric caves painted, and kayak, swim or play on some beautiful white sand beaches. 

Red Birds of Paradise

Forest treks will go in search of the elusive Wilson’s and Red Birds of Paradise to witness its dance around in the ‘lekking’ trees. There’s a jungle walk and refreshing waterfall swim. Plus a visit to a pearl farm to see how this precious commodity is produced and harvested. In Central Raja Ampat the group will see how a local village is promoting sustainability with its solar-powered streetlights and practicing sustainable fishing through a collective community effort. 

Chalias will be sharing his knowledge and expertise throughout the cruise with nightly presentations and will be on hand to answer guests’ questions. He will offer a greater understanding of the region and a more enriching, intellectual, and cultural experience.

SeaTrek’s 10-day full board SeaTrek the Jewels of Raja Ampat with Vincent Chalias cruise on board the elegant 12-cabin Ombak Putih costs from $7,100pp including all airport transfers. Excludes international and domestic flights. To book visit call +62 361 474 3902 or visit . Also bookable through various UK tour operators.