Yescapa and Goboony merge to create Europe’s largest campervan rental platform 

Yescapa and Goboony, two major players in the campervan rental industry, have announced a multimillion Euros merger.

It creates Europe’s largest online motorhome sharing platform. With 30,000 vehicles spread in 10,000 cities across Europe. It positions them among the top three companies globally.

Yescapa and Goboony, two major players in the campervan rental industry, have announced a multimillion Euros merger.

Founded respectively in 2012 and 2015, both platforms offer adventure and an opportunity for everyone to experience the ultimate freedom of campervan travel.


Goboony, founded in the Netherlands in 2015 by Mark de Vos and fellow Dutchman Foppe Mijnlieff, quickly established itself as one of Europe’s largest peer-to-peer campervan rental companies.

The company has been a driving force in making motorhome road trips accessible and enjoyable for hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts. Mainly in Northern Europe. 


Yescapa, was founded in 2012 by Benoît Panel and Adrien Pinson. It has become the leading marketplace for motorhome and campervan travel in Europe, mainly in Southern Europe. The company’s founders, share a similar vision with their counterparts at Goboony. They focus on providing exceptional motorhome experiences to travellers across Europe. 

Booming market

Both companies have made successful acquisitions in recent years.

Yescapa’s acquired the German SHAREaCAMPER, the Spanish AreaVan and the French

Goboony acquired the assets from Camptoo, active in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.

“With record-breaking summer seasons and a 2022 sales growth of over 50%, this merger propels both companies forward in the European and global markets,”says Mark de Vos, CEO of Goboony.

Shared goals

The decision to merge Yescapa and Goboony came as a response to the increasing demand for motorhome travel post-COVID. The idea was to better serve the booming demand for slow and local travel close to nature. “Overall, it was driven by a shared goal of growth and a vision to shape the future of outdoor tourism,” says Benoît Panel, CEO of Yescapa.

By combining their strengths, the companies aim to provide an extensive and future-proof offering to their customers and to elevate the motorhome sharing experience to new heights.

As a starting point this union is the creation of a holding company that will be the ruling structure for both Yescapa and Goboony. All four co-founders will be joined by Sergio Branco. He will serve as the CEO of the group.

Sergio’s experience in mergers, acquisitions and business strategy, will be instrumental in ensuring the success of the newly-merged entity.

The roadmap of this horizontal merger includes a multi-year strategic outlook that prioritises seamless collaboration, with common management techniques, finance strategy and data analysis.

Both Yescapa and Goboony are committed to delivering the best products and services globally. Eventually they aim to build a technical platform operated by a talented international team.

Future of motor caravan sharing

Yescapa and Goboony plan to expand further into new countries and make outdoor travel more widespread and accessible. With a sense of responsibility, they are committed to raising awareness, sharing tips. And setting vacation standards when it comes to sustainable travel alternatives.

Together, they are aiming to inspire the global campervan community. They are inviting everyone to experience the freedom of travel. While at the same time cherishing the beauty of European roads and landscapes.

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