Galapagos Superyacht Charter Firmly Established

the superyacht Aqua Mare has set off on its inaugural voyage across the Galapagos Islands

There is no doubt that the number of visitors visiting the Galapagos is beginning to impact the natural beauty and the way animals behave.

The writing was on the wall when we visited in 2015 while writing for a high-end luxury travel publication.

In fact back then we wrote Go now, before it is too late 

Passenger carrying vessels were a lot more basic when we travelled to the Galapgos and it has taken a while for those who operate them to catch on that guests seeking to see the wonders of the Galapagos want to do so in luxury.

And so it was last June, we reported that the superyacht Aqua Mare had set off on its inaugural voyage across the Galapagos Islands, and it was nothing short of a dream.

A year on – with almost fifty sailings under her belt her operators, Aqua Expeditions have had the pleasure of showing hundreds of guests the wonders of this remote destination. 

Galapagos island seals

Where else would you find wild animals – from penguins to giant tortoises – thoroughly unbothered by human presence? These amazing creatures roam freely across the archipelago, without fear of any predatory threats.

As you venture from island to island on skiff excursions, you’re welcomed by the endemic species that call this region home. There are opportunities to snorkel with sea lions, sunbathe next to marine iguanas, dance with blue-footed boobies – and that’s all before lunch. 

Galapagos island penguin

Back on board, the experience is equally spectacular. With a maximum capacity of 16 guests and a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, Aqua Mare offers a curated voyage unlike any other. The ship is decorated with amenities including a jacuzzi, beach club, and a panoramic lounge to savour the volcanic views of the Galapagos archipelago. 

Blue footed bobby on the Galápagos Islands

The cuisine is overseen by world-renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, known for two restaurants which have both made the World’s 50 Best list. Chef Schiaffino draws inspiration from the Galapagos Islands’ dramatic landscapes and the Peruvian Nikkei style, presenting a fusion of culinary preparations which reveal the region’s most delicious secrets. 

Aqua Mare is open year-round for both individual travellers and charter bookings. Click here to book your Galapagos Islands voyage today.