Unbeatable Value for Superyacht Charters in Croatia

Unbeatable Value for Superyacht Charters in Croatia

As travel journalists whose speciality is writing about superyachts we are often asked how to charter an unbeatable value yacht without breaking the bank. 

Our answer is simple:  When it comes to unbeatable value, chose your destination and yacht with great care.

Look for custom-built vessels that offer the best value superyacht charter experience in the world, without compromising on quality or the overall onboard experience.

Conventional superyachts can only host a maximum of 12 guests and come with a price tag of over €250k per week.

DS Yachts, have a fleet of 10 distinctive superyachts based in Croatia that can accommodate up to 39 guests, and prices start at just €40k per week (including food and fuel).

Unbeatable Value for Superyachts in Croatia

Goolets, a yacht charter company with 18 years of industry experience, acts as Central Agent for this fleet.

What sets them apart is their ability to legally accommodate larger groups at a much lower price, making superyacht charters more affordable than ever before.

Unbeatable Value and glorious food on Superyacht Charters in Croatia

The lower charter rate is just the beginning when it comes to unbeatable value.

These yachts are also way more economical when it comes to fuel consumption and that too helps makes for even more unbeatable value.

These exceptional vessels deliver the same luxurious onboard experience, privacy, exclusivity, and 5-star service as traditional superyachts.

In some cases, they are literally 10 time less expensive than an equivalent-size conventional superyacht, while offering guests the same thrilling experience.

The design and dimensions of these yachts against the picturesque backdrop of Croatia make them an ideal choice for groups of all sizes and configurations.

Guests can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Adriatic Sea while indulging in luxury and comfort onboard.

With the 2023 booking schedule nearly at full capacity, demand for Goolets‘ yachts in the 2024 season is already surging.

Interested parties are encouraged to secure their desired charter dates promptly to avoid disappointment.