X Shade Expands Range at NautiBuoy Marine

X Shade has been designed in response to customer demand for shade on their hugely popular DAME award winning floating platforms, NautiBuoy Marine have launched a parasol and stand to compliment their range.

The especially-designed parasol and stand known as the X-Shade attaches to the platform with a grip, which uses a unique and innovative combination of high air pressure and marine grade engineering to sturdily hold it in place.


The biggest challenge the designers faced while bringing their idea to market was to create a robust stand that could attach both simply and easily to our inflatable platforms.

On land most parasols have a heavy base, this was quite tricky to design on an inflatable!

Through extensive research, development and testing Clay Builder and Nina Anderson, Co-Founders of NautiBuoy Marine, have managed to design a highly functional, robust and exciting new product!” 

The X-Shade available now for advanced orders to be delivered in May 2020 works in conjunction with all existing NautiBuoy Marine platforms and is available in a variety of sizes

20 platforms

The company’s portfolio features 20 platforms in a range of options. The Ocean series incorporates 4 designs, CR/CR drop stitch with Hypalon platforms, ranging in length and width.

The Voyager series, although identical in the design options to the Ocean series, are fabricated from PVC.

The Sport series are stripped back platforms in PVC, without the full connection facilities, for yachts only needing one stand-alone platform for recreational and maintenance use.

The Platforms are available in 4 different sizes as well as 2 different surfaces, including a PE Teak effect foam.

Leisure and maintenance accessories

NautiBuoy has a range of leisure and maintenance accessories, designed and chosen to enhance the users´ water sports and leisure experience and the platform´s versatile capabilities.

The platforms provide an extra large space for safe relaxation as well as comfort and leisure away from the confines of the yacht allowing guests to relax even closer to the water.

They can also be quickly converted to make a working maintenance platform for topside management – greatly reducing the need for launching the RIB – or used to keep watersports toys away from the vessel in a variety of configurations.

The platforms, which feature a patented modular air-toggle connection system, are also ideal to be used as docks for jet skis, SeaBobs and other valuable toys, preventing them from damaging themselves or the vessel – proving an immediate and realizable return on investment in the system.

Founded by

Nina Anderson started work as stewardess on large Motor yachts in the Mediterranean as well as in Mexico and the US. She was quickly promoted and soon became Chief Stewardess. In this role she naturally picked up a keen eye for guest welfare as well as perfect attention to detail. With her unique style, she has created the ultimate range of platform leisure accessories.

Clay Builder was brought up sailing in Mallorca on his fathers yacht and windsurfing school. At 18, he completed a years mariner graduate programme. After 5 years as a yacht trainer and running flotillas in Europe, he began an 11 year career on several large sail and motor yachts as Bosun, Mate and eventually Officer.

After 100s of wash downs using guest ready tenders and even more hours repairing jet ski’s and damage caused to transoms, as well as frustrating days spent looking for marina rafts, Clay realised the need for a multi-functional inflatable platform that yachts could always have access to and easily stow on board.

They both also saw the need for a stable leisure platform where guests could relax, close to the water on a floating island of comfort, or dock their jet-skis safely whilst enjoying the water sports on the yacht.

Their aim was to produce a premium quality platform of superior durability and multi-functionality. Whilst working together on a Med based motor yacht, NautiBuoy Marine was born.