ASL GRP Armour Specialists, Creates Superyacht Division

An illustrative example of a Superyacht interior armour panels. Strict NDAs prohibit actual photography of completed jobs on board.

ASL GRP an armour specialist in the manufacture of bespoke lightweight ballistic and blast protection has set up a superyacht division and is planning further expansion

The Air Sea Land Group (ASL GRP ) has announced the creation of a specialist superyacht division at the same time it has unveiled a new factory in Rookely, on the Isle of Wight and hired five new recruits 

With over 30 years’ experience globally as an armour specialist across marine, land and airborne vehicles, ASL GRP has a history for delivering advanced protective solutions. 

The brand specialises in the manufacture of lightweight ballistic and blast protection, specifically designed for armoured vehicles, marine vessels and high-risk compound protection.

Capabilities include:

  • Lightweight armour systems
  • Bespoke ballistic, blast and anti-cut armour
  • 3D Moulded armour systems
  • Fabrication of high-hard steel
  • Blast containment systems
  • Ballistic doors  

Jack Sandiford-Haigh the company’s Marine Sales Director, has spent a year developing the new superyacht division, maximising his own knowledge and expertise, and increasing the company’s capabilities within the luxury marine and commercial maritime industry.  One of the original members of the ASL GRP team since its establishment in 2012, Jack works closely with Jonathon Diffey, the Founder and Managing Director and has been pivotal in the development and direction of the company, particularly its growth in the marine sector. 

Larger premises

Enhancing this capability and bespoke offering even further, the new production site is a third bigger than the previous site.  The larger premises supports the company’s ever-growing order book by facilitating new job opportunities.

With growing security difficulties and the increase in pirate activity, superyacht owners and captains must consider these threats both at sea and shoreside. 

Jonathon Diffey, comments, “This is a really exciting time for ASL GRP. We have made significant progress within the superyacht industry and the past year has been a game changer for us.  When it comes to fitting amour to a superyacht 

Preferable protection

It is preferable to have the master suite and crew area protected. It is always a good idea to armour an area that can be locked-down and has access to emergency communications. We can work with the owner, captain, shipbuilder/designer to determine which areas of the vessel would be most benefit from being armoured.

When it comes to protecting tenders weight is an important factor.  Jack Sandiford-Haigh says,  “Here we would look at protecting the vital areas required to keep the vessel moving, so that personnel are able to escape in the event of an attack. Our 3D Moulded Armour or Legion Polyethylene is our best option for tenders, as we can replace original parts of the vessel. So, we would look to protect the engine compartment, console and the wheelhouse.”