Flying WestJet Transatlantic to Halifax



Air Canada maybe the country’s flag carrier but when it comes to finding fares and services to Canada from the UK it pays to look into alternatives

When it was founded on leap year day in 1996 WestJet began as a low-cost alternative to the country’s established airlines.

It was called Westjet by Co-founder Mark Hill’s Mum who came up with the name because it sounded a lot better than ABC Air.

Today it is currently the second-largest Canadian air carrier, behind Air Canada, operating more than 750 flights and carrying over 66,000 guests per day. 

In 2017, WestJet carried 24.13 million passengers, making it the ninth-largest airline in North America by passengers carried.

The airline provides scheduled and charter air service to 107 destinations in Canada, the USA, Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

We flew from London’s Gatwick  airport to Halifax in Nova Scotia on a Boeing 737 Max a journey that took just over 7 hours.

Flying in the front of the plane in what the company sells as Premium Economy class gives passengers a more comfortable option and increased legroom with the middle of three seats in each row closed off.

It is probably worth the money for a transatlantic flight from London Gatwick to Halifax such as we did.

Do not hold your hopes out for business class like food.  While the WestJet Web site suggests table service with china plates and metal cutlery (see picture above)our food came in a cardboard box with plastic utensils.

I am not sure which tasted better the box or the food it contained.

What we liked about WestJet was

  • The opportunity to watch 700+ hours of complimentary movies and TV shows
  • Or 5 live TV channels using WestJet Connect
  • Internet in the sky
  • In-seat power and USB
  • Two free checked bags when flying Premium Economy

WestJet have been named Best Airline in Canada and Travellers’ Choice Mid-Sized and Low Cost airline in North America by TripAdvisor