Anchor-VR Opens Virtual Boutique for Superyacht Owners


Anchor-VR Opens Virtual Boutique for Superyacht Owners

According to Goldman Sachs Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to become the next big computer platform.

As was seen with the PC market and the smart phone, it can reshape existing ways of doing things from watching a concert to buying a new yacht.

After ten years of experience in the superyacht industry Anastasia Yushkova has set up a new company using Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies for the benefit of superyacht owners and industry professionals.

Yushkova, the CEO and Founder of Anchor-VR believes she is in the right place at the right time to assist the many and diverse elements of the superyacht industry – including yacht owners, designers, naval architects, builders, project managers and brokers – with the gainful introduction of this exciting new technology.

“Being a virtual boutique,” she says, “Means we can combine all of these differing needs in a cost-effective and fully immersive manner or, alternatively, create a completely bespoke solution dedicated to an individual client.

The newly formed company uses VR to guide a potential or committed yacht owner through the whole creative process, introducing him and immersing him in the design and greatly easing his decision making process during subsequent project development.

This way a potential client is able to interact with one or more design concepts during, for instance, a boat show, to discover the possibilities of a vessel in great detail.

This could be done using a LED wall or a multi touch screen or even a holographic cube, which could even be set up in the client’s office or home.

This would allow him to discuss subjects such as the yacht’s general arrangement plans, volumes, and its ergonomics, with his design team – each of whom might be in a different physical location – while walking through the design in real-life scale.

At a more advanced stage, a highly realistic virtual mock-up could be ‘built’ to give a clear impression on the design, allowing timely decisions to be made on textures, colors and ergonomics. Last, but not least, the owner is able to store the digital twin of his yacht on a memory stick and share it with family and friends, allowing them a realistic tour of his new yacht while eagerly awaiting the delivery of the real vessel.

Impressive statistics show the high value that VR brings to product development, decreasing construction time by 25%, reducing the duration of meetings to review mock-ups by up to 50%, while having the potential to lower fail costs by up to 75%. The earlier that those involved adopt this technology, the sooner they discover its advantages.