Can you see the Invisible Superyacht?


Can you see the Invisible Superyacht?

The Italian shipyard Fincantieri has released a you tube video of a superyacht concept that is, they say; invisible

Covered in specially mirrored glass and designed to blend into the sea, it appears to disappear into the horizon between the sea and sky by reflecting the image of the sea back to onlookers.

The 106-metre mirage concept is the idea of Dutch yacht designer Pieter van Geest

He has developed the ‘invisible’ superyacht concept using  colour variable mirrored glass that has been developed by a so far unnamed German glass manufacturer. 

The glass  which has never been used on yachts before, is used on all the vertical panels creating the illusion of disappearing from as little as 50 meters away.

The designer claims, that those on board will also experience a similar effect reflecting the surroundings and creating the feeling of floating on air.

van Geest unveiled plans suggesting they would be perfect for the ultimate purchase for privacy-hungry billionaires – an ‘invisible’ superyacht which he says will appear to completely vanish into the sea.

He said: “The whole design process took about one year and would take another three and a half years to construct.  The longest part was researching the reflective glass and how it would be built.

The shipyard has suggested the invisible yacht could cost up to £200million to build.

Early design specifications suggest that the yacht comprises six-decks in total featuring a helipad, spa, outdoor cinema and theatre.

The 4,200 gt invisible vessel can sleep a total of 43 people including 14 guests and 29 crew members, and can cruise at speed of 19 knots.

The superyachts created by Fincantieri Yachts are built in the Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia,

Equipped production and industrial technology facilities, the yard can build vessels over 70 metres in length and has a huge network of specialised suppliers at its disposal who can meet the very specific demands of yacht owners.

The most visible yacht it has built so far is Serene