Wider Yachts Names 45 Metre New Build Genesi


Wider Yachts the Italian yachtbuilder have name their 45 metre new build Genesi (Italian for Genesis)

The Wider 150 is currently under construction in Ancona and is due for delivery in late September of this year.

Founded in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli Tilli, Wider is the first yacht builder in the world to offer yachts in the 38m – 50m size range with diesel-electric propulsion Azimuth pods and Lithium polymer battery power.

This arrangement, widely used on much larger yachts and commercial vessels, offers numerous benefits including increased reliability, fuel efficiency, greater range, reduced noise, vibration and maintenance, a shallow draught, greater flexibility of interior layout and 12 hours of complete silence at anchor using battery power alone.

Constructed entirely in aluminium to increase performance and allow for greater freedom and flexibility during the build process, the yachts design was created by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with Tilli Antonelli and the in-house design team.