Australia is Open for Business to Foreign Flagged Superyachts


The Government of Australia has listened to lobbyists working for the superyacht industry.

Superyacht Australia has been working diligently over the past 12 months lobbying government to allow easier access to Foreign Flagged vessels to charter in Australia.

The trade association has made the announcement “Australia is open for business to Foreign Flagged Superyachts wishing to charter in Australia.”

The process is a 2 pronged approach. Immediately vessels can charter in Australia under the temporary licence system issued under the Coastal Trading Act 2012 by the Department of infrastructure. Vessels operating under this licence can also undertake refits and repairs and are not required to fully import the vessel. By the end of the Australian parliamentary winter sitting it is expected the new simpler regime will be in place.

It is strongly recommend that any owners or captains wishing to charter in Australia using the current temporary licence system under the Coastal Trading Act 2012, engage the services of a professional superyacht agent.

Superyacht Australia is ensuring their member agents are fully au fait with this temporary licence process and the Superyacht Australia members offering refit and repair facilities have also been fully informed as to how it works.

To ensure a seamless system it is important that the Australian agent selected is set up as a resident agent to allow the simple process of the Agent acting on the owner’s behalf for all matters including GST when the vessel is chartering in Australia.

An Australian resident agent can apply for the permit and manage the GST on the vessels behalf. It is vital to the Australian industry that owners and captains who wish to visit and charter down under do not encounter barriers or problems because they have used agents or businesses that do not fully understand the temporary permit system and how it works.