Liquid Engineering introduces innovative upgrade to its fuel conditioner


Fuel Set FCC, the product made and distributed by Liquid Engineering, has been reformulated to create an even more efficient product – allowing the fuel conditioner to effectively remove 20 per cent more water. By removing water and without the use of poisonous chemicals, it ensures the diesel bug colonies disperse and individual organisms pass through the filter, burning harmlessly away into the atmosphere.

Lisa King Marketing Manager for the company, says, “Water can do untold damage to engines and fuel systems, but most importantly, water provides the habitat the diesel bug needs to live and reproduce. The new and improved version of Fuel Set FCC ensures that 20 per cent more water is removed from the fuel system, making it 20 per cent more efficient, whilst ensuring the process is still environmentally friendly.”

For 25 years, the product has cared for thousands of marine fuel systems in engines across Europe. Used in both petrol and diesel engines, it can be used on all marine and maritime vessels, including tugs, fishing boats, dredgers and ferries as well as pleasure boats including canal boats, power boats and superyachts.