Ombre Blu Sails in the Shadows of Italy


Who is she?

The owner operated Ombre Blu (Italian for Blue Shadow) is a Lagoon 500 Catamaran. MCA commercially registered and flying the British flag. She can accommodate up to six people comfortably; has three queen-size guest cabins, all with private bathrooms, air conditioning and Wi-Fi connection.

Where is she chartering?

Italy and its magical islands…The Captain says, “From the moment of the initial enquiry, we ask the client to answer a range of questions such as: what is the demographic of the group, reason for the trip, if they have been to Italy before and where, what are the interests of the group, have they sailed before, how much time they envisage spending ashore/aboard and how they would describe their ‘ideal’ Italian vacation. Based on these answers, we suggest the itinerary that (based on our experience) we think would suit best and then begin to formulate the details based on the number of days they have at their disposition.

Itineraries are tailor-made to suit the client’s wishes. Ombre Blu sails from the Aeolian Islands off Sicily to Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento in the Gulf of Naples, and from Southern Sardinia to the Emerald Coast and the Tuscan Isles. When guests go ashore, the crew share their knowledge of their favourite places, from fine restaurants to wine cellars that open up their doors to reveal how some of Italy’s most famous wines are made: Malvasia delle Lipari, the Biancolella of Ischia, or the Vermentino and Cannonau from Sardinia. They also offer a selection of gourmet itineraries that enable charter guests to discover special and rare gastronomic treats as well as products made by craftsmen according to ancient traditions, such as the ‘Michelin Star Chef’ itinerary on the Amalfi Coast & Gulf of Naples where guests will experience the flavours of three of Italy’s best Michelin Star restaurants in a week.

OMBRE BLU - Alfresco dining

Why is she special?

Owner operators are had to find in todays heavily regulated charter market. Rare too is one that is large well equipped and well maintained. This is one such yacht and is therefore worthy of note. The privacy and tranquillity aboard coupled with the professionalism of her hosts provide the perfect environment for a romantic getaway or a special family time.

Francesco is the Captain as well as the Chef on board. As king of the kitchen, he gives guests a taste of Italian tradition in recipes that have been handed down by his family. His two sisters in fact own restaurants in the Veneto, where they have become famous for cooking dishes based on seasonal products.

The ingredients are selected by Francesco in person and prepared each day according to the tastes of his guests. Combining the flavours of refined cuisine – yet with a genuine home-made appeal, he brings into play various colours, flavours and textures. The art of hospitality is particularly evident at mealtimes: the menus are accompanied by wines that have been specially chosen for the cellar on board in order to offer a real taste of Italy’s various wine regions. The sparkling wine is that much-loved favourite, Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. from Bisol, the finest example of Prosecco.

Melissa, his partner on the other hand, is in charge of hospitality and attention to details, from the preparation of the table – matched with the colours of that day’s dishes – to the selection of books available in the lounge. Melissa is also passionate about fitness and a masseuse: fine dining is, therefore, coupled with the opportunity to remain in shape and eat healthily.

In addition to being an excellent Chef, Francesco is also a PADI Master Dive Instructor.

Who is the central charter agent?


What is her Charter Rate?

from €12,500 to €18,500 per week plus expenses.