Helicopter deck successfully added to 51-metre Umbra


The 51-metre shadow boat, Umbra has successfully completed an extensive refit in New Zealand.

The work was carried out Auckland’s Diverse Projects with the specialist management company pulling together different teams to work concurrently on the project, enabling extensive structural changes, as well as an exterior repaint and full survey to be carried out quickly.

Umbra’s owner asked for a package of work that included the removable helipad and the addition of two metres to the stern.

The Damen Sea Axe fast support vessel is based on rig supply ships and is designed to slice through water.

Despite the major modifications, by size, the vessel performed to its newly engineered specifications during sea trials, achieving the pre-refit expectations for speed,” says Diverse Projects’, John Vitali

His company uses software created in house called Predict and is the only system of its kind in the world, using a multi-level approach for users to easily view all current stages of the refit, as well as what’s to come.

It breaks each component of the refit into its micro-components, giving the refit and owner’s management team the ability to visualise where each team is through each stage of the refit.

Six different specialists acted as contractors on the project with Predict coordinating each team’s projects to prevent any overlap or down time. The refit provided a welcome boost to the Whangarei area in New Zealand’s Northland where it was carried out at Oceania Marine, in association with neighbouring yard Ship Repair.

Predict gave the owner/owner’s representative the ability to see the cooperation and progress from all interested parties and companies involved as well as delivering peace of mind and to follow progress at a very detailed level.