Frequent Flyer

It gets a little worrying when the attendant at the Greet and Meet parking service at Heathrow remembers you from your flight last week but that is what seems to be happening to us.

Last week it was Marseille for a quick 24 hour flying visit to the IMS shipyard, this week it is an almost similar flight with British Airways down to Nice for the 4 day long Monaco Yacht Show.

It’s an annual bash which sees journalists the likes of us flit from one SuperYacht to another. Breakfast meets on one, a guided press tour on another then it’s drinks at lunch time followed by more meetings on stands and yet more press conferences.

In the evening it’s the same sort of thing evening parties at the yacht club or more drinking on the main deck of a Superyacht moored in Monte Carlo

At each and every event, a glass of something alcoholic is shoved towards you and by the end of the day it would be quite easy to become intoxicated. It pays to be careful and watch your intake and we often wonder why there is never a plate of sandwiches being offered at the same time.

But, as we sit on board our second British Airways short haul flight inside a week, we remember you need to be careful what you wish for.

The trolly dollies trundled along the Isle of the Airbus 319 handing out the self same sandwich they did on the previous three flights, a dubious looking Chicken Tikka and Baby Spinach Flatbread.

After opening it, the trick is to eat the sandwich and not the cardboard packaging. There is not a lot of difference but you can never be sure how long the cardboard has been hanging around.