Airport Lounge Pass Customers Are Snubbed

How do those who sell airport lounge passes reward their customers? They kick them in the teeth

Airport Lounge Pass customers travelling through Marseille Airport are in for a shock if they do not read the small print before they pass through security.
Having passed through security holders of Priority Pass and Airport Angels will, as they try and access the lounge, find that they should have presented their card to the information desk in the departures hall before passing airside.
Needless to say the “charming” plebs manning the security desk, think this situation is hilarious and refuse to let you pass back through passport control so that you can present the same card to the information desk that did already show at the lounge reception desk.
The lounge manager has, of course, perfected the Gallic shoulder shrug when confronted with the dilemma and having pointed out he is only following procedure,  returned back to his empty lounge to no doubt enjoy the goodies that lounge customers could not access.