The Winner Takes All


Neither of us are very lucky when it comes to winning things.  If there is a prize draw with 3 cards in it and two belong to us, we still loose.  We once won the equivalent of an Olympic weight lifters weight in staples (admittedly it was at a stationery show but still….) and we won a set of extremely ugly small stuffed toys made to commemorate the Winter Olympics at an ANTOR meeting a few years ago (even our dog turned his nose up at them they were so unpleasant).  But maybe our luck is changing when it comes to winning things.

Less than two weeks ago at the Southampton Boat Show we filled in a card for a competition and won a numbered and limited edition lifejacket worth over £500.

On the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show at one of the media events all the yachting journalists were given Fitbits (yes I know I already have one – what do you expect with our luck).  The competition over the next few days was to see who walked the furthest around the Show.  Unbelievably I won, though I am not sure how many actually send in their scores.  I carried away the prize of a magnum of champagne.  Last night at the ANTOR meeting our card was drawn out of the box and we won the only prize most people thought worth having – a hamper of food and drink kindly donated by the Belgium tourist board.

Wow in less than two week we have won three things, in fact we have won something at every event we have visited.  Is our luck really changing, should I do the lottery?  Well…..maybe not:

1.  It is a truly beautiful lifejacket but only one between the two of us and we are already arguing over who will wear it.

2.  Have you every tried to fit a magnum of champagne in your suitcase along with loads of press info given out at a show and still kept under the weight allowance for flying home?

3.  Apart from some bottles of beer, the hamper contained Belgium chocolate and a chocolate liqueur – I’m allergic to chocolate! Still Michael is ecstatic, he is a chocoaholic.

So all in all I think our luck is doing just as well as usual when it comes to winning things!