Our Arrival in Costa Rica


Writing for Invictus magazine we travelled to Costa Rica recently to capture words and images that will appear in our series of superyacht destinations that we create inside its pages.

Our journey begins here

Perhaps the most simple way of flying to Costa Rica is with America’s United Airlines.

They seem to have a fleet of modern aircraft whose seats have yet to sag to that uncomfortable state of decay so favoured by someother airlines.

This is an airline that has two classes of economy seats. One of which has legroom between seats that is reminiscent of days when flying to a foreign country was an exciting prospect, the other has more in common with the budget carrier.

United seem to recognise that most passengers want to keep their legs below their waist and have no desire to wrap them around your ears. But it costs extra money as does the food and the drinks.

Having flown to Liberia in Costa Rica with United through Huston Texas it does seem on reflection to be worth the extra money for what they call Economy Plus seats. To you and I, those are the ones by the emergency exit!

Food on the transatlantic part of the journey is included in the ticket price but only because the airline is forced to provide it by law.

Rather surprisingly, and in direct contrast with the better airlines of the world, the company sees fit to charge passengers for alcoholic drinks on long haul flights. The official line as to why they do this centres on the fact that it reduces the likelihood of passengers becoming drunk and abusive.

It is however our observation that so long as you have a fistful of dollars you are permitted to get as drunk as you like and in that state, stand a much better chance of falling asleep on the otherwise boring 11 hour flight.