Fancy a Frievok?

Euphoria in build at Mayra YachtsIf you fancy a 50 metre SuperYacht designed by the man that brought such flair to The Maltese Falcon then we can tell you where to find one.

Mayra Yachts, inside the Tax Free Zone at Antalya in Turkey, is building Euphoria, Ken Frievok designed 50 metre motor yacht on spec.

Part of the Prince Group, a Turkish conglomerate involved in tourism with Chechen financial backing, its yacht building division of Mayra Yachts was created when local yacht Captain Yener Balta got the backing to build a 50 metre yacht in 2012.

Work began on Euphoria in April 2015 and is expected to be completed inside two years with the yard having every intensional of displaying the yacht at Monaco in 2015.

The superstructure yacht features a high percentage of glass in its make up and this has give Frievok the opportunity to create a light and airy interior for the yacht which despite her size remains sub 500gt.

But buyers beware! The renderings of the yachts handsome profile and interior show large swathes of glass that look attractive in the extreme.  The reality is, however the yard has found it impossible to create such majesty and has had to build buttresses and chunky mullions that have somewhat spoiled the dramatic effect.

The interior features an innovative design for a main saloon that by employing revolving sofas converts naively into a fully fledged cinema.

With a workforce of over 100 on site each day construction is well advanced and we were impressed with the standard of workmanship in a shipyard that is sadly not quite as clean neat and tidy as say Sunrise Yachts or Sarp Yachts whose standards are outstanding.