Pura Vida


How are you? Are you having a good time? Are you enjoying Costa Rica?

Just three of the questions most commonly asked of us by the residents of this country.

It matters not if the questions are asked in the native Spanish or perfect English the two-word answer is always the same. The correct response is to smile and say quite simply “Pura Vida”.

It’s a catchall phrase that means quite literally good or pure life, but in that simplicity it wraps up everything one ever needs to say about this Central American republic of some 48 million people.

Sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua this happy go lucky land has coasts that offer anchorages and harbours on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

The Caribbean coastline is significantly shorter and offers superyachts less in the way of cruising opportunities. The Pacific side is on the other hand the complete opposite.

The complex coastline is full of; indented bays, prominent peninsulas, secluded anchorages and safe havens. Chief among these is Marina Papagayo a fully featured deep-water harbour capable of handling superyachts of up to 250 feet and longer by arrangement on deep-water piers that offer easy access