New iPad app assists with voyage planning, and navigation.

NavPlay, is a new iPad app, designed to assist sailors with voyage planning, and navigation.
Available on the Apple App Store it is a complete, easy-to-use navigation app for iPads, it allows boaters to plan routes and navigate on C-Map by Jeppesen charts and satellite imagery.
It provides access to WiFi-networked vessel information and control such as instruments readings, weather forecasts, autopilot operation, alarms, and AIS details for collision avoidance.
As a vessel control application, it provides the tools needed to manage all aspect of yachting and can serve as a vehicle for boaters to share detailed boating adventures right from their iPad.
Designed for the smaller sail and motorboats up to 20 metres, NavPlay allows users to plan and design routes in advance of excursions with the innovative Draw Route feature; simply swiping a finger on the iPad screen automatically creates a full route complete with waypoints.
Routes can be quickly and easily modified, and saved for future excursions. NavPlay also automatically downloads Jeppesen weather forecast data to aid in route planning.
While underway, the app gives boaters full control from an iPad. Easy-to-read navigation charts display a boat’s position and customizable gauges provide real-time data in analog or digital formats in a choice of high-contrast and low-light screens.
One of the few apps on the market that allow for full autopilot control, NavPlay automatically sends commands to a vessel’s autopilot to maintain course, plus a virtual pilot knob allows boaters to change direction and path manually.

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  1. Hi,i have little bit.Utilize your iPad to securely deal with 100% of your route exercises. NavPlay does everything – appreciate sailing and let NavPlay do the rest.a compelling and strong vessel control application, NavPlay provides for you the instruments required to deal with all part of your yachting background and offer subtle elements of your sculling endeavors with others right from your iPad.Have a nice day.

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