St Katherines Dock Marina is London’s Premier Yachting Destination

This year is set to be another exciting boating season for Central London’s leading visitor and event marina St Katharine Docks. The Marina’s 140 permanent berths are already full for 2014 and the visitor berths are booking up fast as boaters confirm cruising plans.

The Marina has dedicated visitor berths permanently, and during peak times vessels can be rafted to create space for larger boat rallies.

The marina is the official Clipper Race start and finish port and a highlight of 2014 will be the return of the 12-strong Clipper fleet in July. In September the St Katharine Docks Classic Boat Festival takes place and it is hoped that around 40 historic vessels will fill the Central Basin.

When the acquisition of St Katharine Docks was announced in the summer of 2011, the new owners stated their commitment to invest in the marina and dockside premises. The aim was ‘to turn the Dock into a stunning waterside environment for yacht owners, workers and residents alike.’

Nearly three years later the improvements have had a significant effect on the appeal of the marina to permanent and visitor vessels. Key improvements include extensive dredging, the introduction of static and mobile pump-out stations and enhanced security.

Dredging and Pump-out facilities
William continued, ‘Early last year in preparation for the arrival of the Clipper fleet we dredged the Central Marina which has resulted in a depth of around 5 meters of water throughout the three docks. In addition to this removal of years of accumulated silt, we introduced static and mobile pump-out stations to encourage vessel owners to deal with their boats’ discharge responsibly.’

More Flexible Access
Locking times at St Katharine Docks have traditionally been rigidly time-bound according to high water (2 hours before and 1.5 after). While this is acceptable to the majority of boaters, the marina team has now been able to increase the window of opportunity so that larger groups can be more efficiently accommodated.

Enhanced Security
The marina has enhanced its security with the introduction of a fibre-optic network Access Control System. Berth-holders access pontoons using personalised proximity tags rather than the traditional numerical keypads. As well as providing holders access to pontoons, the tags will also activate entry to the landside shower blocks. Tags will be programmed in the same way as hotel keys so access to facilities will be aligned with berthing dates and fully monitored to ensure optimum security.

Throughout 2014 St Katharine Docks will continue its ongoing programme of infrastructure repairs and refurbishments.