We Cannot Keep This Secret All To Ourselves

We are not normally fans of restaurants in large city hotels but in the case the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires we have to make an exception

Hot on the heels of the sensational openings of their Elena Restaurant and Pony Line Bar, which have revolutionised the gastronomic world in the area of Recoleta and the traditional Argentine hotel industry, the hotel has opened Nuestro Secreto.

Nestled above the urban bustle in a rooftop garden between the Hotel’s modern tower and its historic La Mansión, Nuestro Secreto is a new indoor-outdoor venue which invites friends, families and colleagues to gather for traditional Argentine flame-grilled asado prepared with the best Argentine wood, along with a selection of national wines, a menu of fresh drinks, flavoured lemonades, cocktails and wine punch coming from our rich immigrant culture.

It is inspired by the way Argentinians like to entertain at home.  They love to gather with friends and families around a big fire, which they call Asado.   There you’ll find that everyone has opinions about what wood to use, how to roast the meat – often the whole animal – and what to serve alongside.

Nuestro Secreto tries hard to recreated and offer that experience to visitors who want to experience real Argentine culture, as well as locals looking for a fun night out in the heart of the city.

The menu of starters, salads, red and white meats, grilled fished and seafood is printed on newsprint, to emulate the tradition of reading the Sunday newspaper before using it to light the fire.

“Every day is Sunday here in Nuestro Secreto Restaurant the style and the environment characterises it it so well,” says Lorena Buffa the hotels F&B Assistant Manager who is on hand to arrange a very special tasting menu for us 

Nuestro Secreto can also be booked for private events, with room for up to 40 people inside a greenhouse-like extension, plus a space for 44 people split in three semi private rooms located at the terrace, sharing the scenery with the outdoor pool of the hotel.

Those who wish to enjoy good Argentine cocktails should venture to the bar and challenge David the barman to do his best.  When we told him of our research work into our up coming book Mojito’s Around the World he rose to the challenge and produced a stunner!

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