La Bamba Had a Starring Role on the Silver Screen

The house and its surrounding land at La Bamba de Areco have been used as the backdrop form many films and TV shows.

Perhaps the most famous is the Maria Luisa Bemberg’s movie, Camila, which won the nomination for best foreign film in 1984. 

Set in the middle 1800’s, it tells the story of the love affair between a Catholic priest and a teenage girl of his parish.

Together they flee the area and are pursued by government forces goaded into action by President Rosas who was embarrassed by international condemnation.

The ending is tragic with the couple by now expecting a child together getting shot dead by government soldiers.
The estancia has also played host to El Gourmet for their programme Amigos x la Cocina, a culinary reality show involving a dozen famous chefs under the leadership of the eminent South American chef Francis Malman