The King and the Prime Minister

Many will know of our close connection to the Kingdom of Redonda the Caribbean island that lies to the west of Antigua Barbuda.

Many will know that we strive hard to protect the Kingdom and to foster relations with other islands called Redonda.

It was while touring the National Park of Tierra Del Fuego that we became aware that off shore in the Beagle Channel there lies an island named Redonda.

On the mainland in front of it is a Post Office where among other things you can book trips out to the island and get your passport stamped.

The Post Office which claims to be the only Post Office at the End of the World is manned by Carlos de Lorenzo who, as well as being a member of staff within the Argentina’s Postal Services, is the self proclaimed Prime Minister of Redonda which he claims has been ceded from Argentina and is now run as a Republic.

Needless to say, given the political importance of two leaders meeting at the end of the world, a conference was hastily convened and trading agreements were drawn up.

The King of Redonda promised the Prime Minister that if ever the caribbean island were to print their own postage stamps then Redonda in the Beagle Channel would certainly appear in all its pictorial glory on the first of the series.

To seal this significant treaty, the flag of Redonda (southern hemisphere) was brought out from the drawer inside the post office and the two leaders held it between them shaking hands to cement their new found friendship

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