Never Call an Asado a BBQ!

Asado is a ritual that takes place around beef. But at lunch time at La Bamba de Areco chicken, ribs, chorizo and morcilla (black pudding) are also served

The word Asado refers both to the way it is cooked over red hot wood charcoal, and the social enactment surrounding it!

Anybody silly enough to compare it to a grill or barbecue, would be seriously frowned upon by the Argentinians!
The day that the Asado takes place guests gather together around an open space, and the asadores, the  chef of the day prepares first the fire, and then takes care of cooking the beef and offal.

The Argentinian beef, fed on the pampa, is tender meat that is eaten quite well cooked, roasted or grilled.

It is accompanied by the irreplaceable chimi-churri, an incredible sauce, made of spicy ingredients whose many varied recipes generally comes from closely guarded family secrets.

The Asado is normally accompanied with salad,at La Bamba but often corn soufflé, or spinach purée are served as side dishes along with Papa Fritas (french fried potatoes) of Jacket Potatoes.