Isle of Man Offers ‘Green Ship’ Incentives

The Isle of Man Ship Registry has introduced new incentivesfor superyacht owners to adopt energy efficient ship designs, which reduce fuel consumption and air pollution.
The Registry’s latest Fees Regulations include provision to discount fees for qualifying vessels from 1st April 2014.
Since the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) formalised an international system for determining the energy efficiency of ships, it is now possible to compare energy efficiency across ships of different types and sizes.
This system forms the basis of the Isle of Man’s ‘green ship’ incentive scheme.
To qualify for the fees reduction, ship owners must submit a copy of the International Energy Efficiency (IEE) Certificate or pre-verification report to demonstrate that the ship’s attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) reduction factor exceeds the IMO’s EEDI reduction factor requirements for that particular vessel ahead of the IMO’s implementation dates.
For vessels that qualify, there is a 25% reduction to the cost of a Certificate of Registry for new registrations and a 10% discount from the annual registration fee for vessels already registered with the Isle of Man.

Owners and operators wishing to apply for the ‘Green Ship’ fees reduction for their qualifying vessels should contact