Domaine Ott Still the Superyacht Wine of Choice

Produced by vineyards owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie the new Miraval wine has recently arrived within reach of the superyachts on the French Riviera with high hopes of knocking Domaines Ott of its best selling perch.
The wine is now on sale in the 1862 Wines & Spiritsshop, situated opposite the old Port of Cannes, in a prime location for superyachts on the world famous French Riviera.
The Rose wine named Miraval, which was created at Brad and Angelina’s French Provencal estate Chateau Miraval, is the second wine released by the renowned Hollywood couple.
Expectations are high for the 2013 Miraval, following on from the success of the couple’s first wine produced last year, with thousands of bottles of the 2012 vintage selling out within hours of its’ release.
1862 Wines and Spirits is one of the French Riviera’s leading suppliers of wines, champagnes, liquors and spirits.  The company is working with the Super Yacht Owners Guide part of the Yachting Pages Media Group to promote its products to superyacht captains and crews.
When speaking to us as writers of the Super Yacht Owners Guide, Hervé from 1862 Wines & Spirits commented, “We sold a lot of it last year and it has been very popular already again. I think we will sell even more this year because the wine is definitely better in taste.”
Though it has been a popular addition to the shop’s inventory, it could do better!

Hervé explained, “For the moment it hasn’t been that popular amongst yacht crew, they prefer to stick to the most popular Domaine Ott or Minuty, but we are expecting the wine to grow in popularity and for it to become a top seller this year”.
Chateau Miraval is not only famous for producing the wine of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but also has links to famous rock band Pink Floyd.
In an interview with Yachting Pages, Hervé continued, “I have been working with this Chateau Miraval estate for the past four years.
It was already owned by Brad Pitt back then but few people realised it. It is an estate with a long history: the rosé is called “Pink Floyd” because the rock band recorded their album “The Wall” at the estate in 1979. It is even written on the back of the cover.”
The new vintage 2013 wine has now been on sale for a few weeks is offered in both bottles and magnums for a price of €15.90 and €34.00, including VAT.