Fountain Pen the Inspiration Behind a Yacht Concept Called Calligraphy

British Designer Alex McDiarmid based in Aix-en-Provence, France believes “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” and has set out to prove it.
Never failing to draw attention, impress and even occasionally offend, his designs open discussion wherever they appear this time he has used the design inspiration of the fountain pen
He has dubbed his latest 130 metre Superyacht concept; Calligraphy and again yhis design cements the studio’s reputation for avant garde, futuristic and visionary Superyacht concepts and projects is now firmly established since founding the studio in May 2011.
 ‘L’Enfant Terrible of Yacht Design’, as he has often been called found international acclaim with his last concept Stradivarius 120m, a superyacht inspired by stringed musical instrument design.
With Calligraphy his, inspiration again is diverse and of a non nautical philosophy resulting in a concept inspired by fountain pen design and construction.
He tells us, “A reference to “three silver fountain pens, worth 15 shillings” in England during the reign of Charles II ca. 1649–1685 and by the early 18th century such pens were already commonly known as “fountain pens” with high production volume from c. 1900 onwards.
“Today, fountain pens are often treated as luxury goods and sometimes as a status symbol, much like owning a Superyacht. A very personal item which should stay with it’s owner as the nib “wears in” at an angle unique to each individual person. A fountain pen has a timeless elegance, personalisation and sentimentality and some fountain pens are prized as works of art. 
“Ornate pens may be made of precious metals and jewels, modern space age materials and with cloisonné designs. Some are inlaid with lacquer designs in a process known as maki-e. 
“The record auction price for the sale of a fountain pen is The Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen at $1.47 million.
“Modern manufacturers such as Montblanc and Visconti now depict the fountain pen as a collectible item or a status symbol rather than an everyday writing tool. 
“The yacht has evolved in such a way. We started by looking at classic and vintage fountain pens for initial inspiration…
“The overall side profile of such writing instruments are very simple, elegant, flowing forms that lend themselves very nicely to the profile of a Superyacht.  
“Observing the construction of such writing instruments we noticed the striking similarities to Superyacht construction. 
“Evident from the outset was the pure craftsmanship of the very highest quality and materials often beautifully decorated.
“We saw the following connection in fountain pen design to Superyacht construction:
  • Nib = Bow
  • Section & Barrel = Hull
  • The Outer Cap = Superstructure
  • Clutch, Friction & Trim O Rings = Bulkheads and possible elevator shaft
  • The Clip = The Bridge
  • Ink Reservoir = The Fuel, Water and Waste Tanks
  • The Blind Cap = The Stern

Technical/Principal Characteristics:
  • Length overall: 130m / 426ft    
  • Beam: 20m / 65ft
  • Owner state room and private decks
  • Berth capacity for guests 16 in 8 cabins
  • Berth capacity for crew 30

A hybrid power Diesel Electric propulsion system with pod drives, electric Voith Inline Propulsors/thrusters, Volvo Penta D16 MG gensets, Valance batteries

The hull is made from steel while the superstructure is in aluminium, the more common combination for a yacht of this size. But why not 100% all composite.