ISA Yachts launch new brand identity

ISA Yachts the superyacht building shipyard based in Ancona, Italy, has launched new brand positioning and corporate identity.

The rebranding coincides with a period of intense activity at the ISA Yachts shipyard in Ancona.
The ISA43M Granturismo was launched on schedule on 29 March 2014, and yard will see the launch of three more yachts – ISA 66M GT, ISA 140 SPORT and ISA54M – between now and late June.
“We wanted to communicate a clear message that would differentiate the brand within the sector, and I believe the new position achieves that,” says Hein Velema, the recently appointed Director Sales and Marketing.
He added, “We recognize the pivotal role played by brokers and our sales strategy will reflect the value of ISA Yachts’ relationship with these key industry influencers.”