Montserrat Joins the Caribbean Marine Association

Montserrat, represented by the Montserrat Yacht Club, has joined the Caribbean Marine Association (CMA).  Commodore of the Montserrat Yacht Club, Dwain Loveth, has, for some time, taken an active part in OECS meetings working to promote yachting throughout the Eastern Caribbean.
Montserrat’s yachting industry suffered a massive blow when the volcano erupted nearly 20 years ago and has struggled to recover, not helped by the recent recession.
With ambitious plans to expand Montserrat’s yachting tourism, based around Little Bay and Carr’s Bay, Montserrat is set to become another player in the expanding Caribbean marine industry.
Montserrat offers a fairly unique experience to yachting visitors now that tours are permitted into the Exclusion Zone and where the pace of life is leisurely even by Caribbean standards.

The CMA is continuing to work to expand its membership throughout the Caribbean and is still in discussion with several other islands who may be joining in the near future.