Port Agents Build Helideck out of Logs for Guest Visit

Cruising Indonesia presents an unparalleled opportunity of diversity and escapism that opens a window onto a different world.
Punctuated by the challenges of no real marinas or facilities for visiting superyachts, the importance of having a good locally based and resourceful agent is paramount.
Never was this more ably demonstrated was the occasion recently when guests of a superyacht wanted to visit a tribe in Irian Jaya, a remote part of the country.
Richard Lofthouse and Captain Jimmy Blee of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesiaexplained that the only way in was by helicopter and as yet there was no helipad.
Rather than disappoint the guests the APS team had to build a helicopter landing at the riverbank – first chopping up logs!
The makeshift land site then enabled their clients to access a tribe few have ever seen, an extraordinary experience for the clients who were more than blown away by such service.
The Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia agency is primarily a logistical support that specialises in dealing with remote areas and getting fuel, provisions, transport and anything else that clients need going in difficult spots.

In meeting the many challenges, Richard explains, “We have a huge extended team throughout the hot spots of Indonesia. From cargo guys in many of the 600 airports to drivers in over a dozen islands… we have it covered!