A New Range of Generators for Superyachts

The M1306 generator range is Northern Lights latest innovation in clean, efficient marine power generation.

With kilowatt ratings from 300 to 400 at 50 Hz, and 355 to 400 at 60 Hz, it greatly expands the  product range offered by the company. 

The M1306 generator range is based on world-class components – including heavy duty engine blocks and permanent magnet generators.  An M1306 set achieves high torque and smooth operation with an electronically controlled high-pressure unit injection fuel system that permits individual control in each cylinder.  This technology optimises engine efficiency, resulting in low exhaust emissions and superior fuel economy.

The M1306 series generator set is built into the Northern Lights revolutionary base frame design for a low-profile, clean, compact package sure to compliment any engine room.  Northern Lights world class sound enclosures and compound mounts further enhance the comfort and enjoyment onboard by greatly reducing the transmission of noise and vibration.

Paul Holland, MD, Energy Solutions, Northern Lights UK Agent said, “We have already had a number of enquiries for these new machines – Northern Lights is a manufacturer that owners and yards trust for reliability and durability. The new models have the same, extensive, range of accessories and options that these generators are famous for.”