Improving Confidence in Global Economy Sees Increase in Yacht Orders

The 2014 Global Order Book (GOB) published by Boat International Media has revealed that there are currently 735 super yachts currently under construction
Each year GOB lists super yachts of 24 metres (80 feet)and longer under construction at shipyards throughout the world, with comprehensive global statistics and economic activity around large yacht orders worldwide.
The annual report is published each December and uses data that the editors have been collecting and analysing luxury yacht data since 1992.
The 2014 Global Order Book is also published online, with historic reports, and live data.
Trends identified this year include:
  • Orders for private yachts over 100 metres (328 feet) have grown from 14 projects last year to 19 this year.
  • There has been a 15.5 percent increase in new orders in the 80 to 24-30 metres (99 foot) segment, a sector of the market severely hit by the financial crisis.
  • Sailing yachts and expedition-type yachts are slowly increasing their market share.
  • Sailing yachts have established a new high with 11.8 percent more than last year.
Geographical analysis 
Ranking nations by the aggregate length of their current projects, Italy is still by far the number one yacht-building nation, but The Netherlands and Turkey have consolidated their places. The USA is losing its lead over UK builders, whose tally is up 51 percent in the last two years. Greece clinches the tenth place this year, pushing France out of the list.
New markets 
Asia’s affluent buyers prize established brands, attracting marquee builders to open dealerships in China. But because import taxes remain prohibitive, homegrown shipyards are also benefiting and are slowly increasing their production.
The building of large sport yachts declined during the financial crisis due to their high fuel consumption, but has rebounded slightly this year. However, production of these yachts is still half what it was then.